Andre Jones - Writing Portfolio [Updated as of April 2019]

. Freelance Writer
. Staff Author for Whonosmusic blog
. Contributing Journalist for Abyss Recordings' "Mix Features" Series
. Aspiring Psychologist and Philsophical Fiction Author

Artist Biographies:

. Lateral
. Caspian
. ViVien
. Sandra Sundelin
. Hyper Binary

Abyss Recordings - Feature Mix Series:

. Cirkle
. Rommek
. Invite
. Joton
. Joe Far
. Lag
. Quail

Whonos Music Articles:

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Lag - Unrest (Single review)

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Machete - Sense of Outer Life (track review)


Form Magazine: Kwartz - Show Me That Light EP Review

New Rhythms Music: Smoker's Reviews: My Aeon Nightclub'

Future Fate - EP 1 (Music Review)